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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ladies and Lace

Since it is apparent that I have a  fetish for bad-ass female musicians who rock the style scene, I thought I'd share the latest who are following in the stilleto-cized footsteps of Yelle and Dragonette. These are none other than the lassies from Ladies of the Canyon. I saw this Montreal-bred, alt-country quartet perform in my hometown last summer and while their unfairly gorgeous harmonies rang through the bar and silenced EVERYONE, I went through a process of quasi-hypnotism in their presence. It went a little like this....

Step 1: A near harmony-induced knockout (a.k.a. I almost fell over due to this sudden onslaught of a whole lotta AMAZING).
Step 2: Some socially unacceptable staring on my part, which one might understandably interpret as an indication of  lesbian leanings. (In my defense, they just dress really well, and you know I become weak in the knees at such sartorial sightings!)

Anyways, these girls are seriously talented, especially live. And this is coming from someone who makes every attempt to steer clear of country music ear-infiltration. 
Here be the photos from their debut album, Haunted Woman. Whoever styled this is a genius. 

 Well, I feel inadequate. How 'bout you?

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