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Thursday, November 22, 2012

F+W+F = The Mathematics of Style

Edition #1: Irritable Bowel Synd-wich+Coffee All Day Er' Day+La Fourrure 

Introducing a weekly roster of the FOOD, the WATER and the FASHION whose presence did grace my life in the past 7 days. User-friendly and broken down into simple math to humour the left side of your brain into thinking that it still has value post grade 12 calculus failure.
This week's equation features free Tim Horton's sandwiches, coffee stains and lipstick memoirs, and between 40 to 50 muskrats reincarnated for collar-poppin' purposes.

Fur Coat - Vintage | T-Shirt - TRAVIS TADDEO | Shorts - Value Village | Boots  - Deena & Ozzy 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sexxxual Confessions Featuring Denim on Denim

And from then on their TREND-scending love was proclaimed. Show your support this fall for free love in fashion and get your denim on denim...on. Don't hate, copulate.

Who knew that sexual metaphors could be so wearable?
Jean Jacket - Vintage | Mesh Sweat Shirt - Vintage | White Top - Complex Geometries | Jeans - Guess? | Boots - Topshop

And in the spirit of taking risks in the closet,  I wouldn't be surprised if this were the beginning of a regular feature. Look forward to such conversation anecdotes as: "I want you in my pants," said my loins to the cotton/bamboo thermal underwear.

And in vaguely relevant updates, I give you "Platonic Love" c/o my mom and I.

Happy Weekend. And for more time-wasters, click it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We're all Winners Here

All of us, except for those of you who lost, meaning most of you. On the other hand (or shall I say, collarbone) shall be found this necklace. And the especially lucky collarbone of which I speak belongs to @Julinthesky. 

Congrats girl.
Thanks to all who sabotaged their personal twitter feeds as well as their hickey-free neck integrity all in the name of the democratic distribution of style.