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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashioning Friends

Meet my best friend, Alessandra. She's cute and Italian. She's also slightly demonic (exhibit A). And she has an equally cute boyfriend named Andrew and they like each other and it's weird. (exhibit B). Anyways, the other night, Alessandra and said man-friend in tow visited me for the premiere of her self-written and self-directed short-film, Curbed, one of four films premiered at 10 x 10 Montreal,, a project intent on celebrating Montreal and its young artists in film-making.



Miss Allie asked of my services pre-premiere in the department of personal stylist, and I gladly acquiesced under the pre-negotiated condition that I could outfit her in a grossly oversized polka dot bow tie. And she agreed. This is why we are friends. Plus she's way cooler than me.

Now witness why I am still adamant about the merits of borrowing from the closet of masculinity when dressing the female body, followed by a series of evidential photographs depicting friends, booze, and tarot card readings which led to less than promising personal predictions that only served as impetus for further consumption of alcohol...and thus, you will get a sense of how I am currently winning at the game of life.

Okay, self-loathing ends and pictures start...NOW.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Trifecta Number Two: FWF, The Backroom & MEWS

Apparently, I have a penchant for three-ways lately, with all of the sexiness but none of the action. I can only assume that the PG-13 rating of this week's second Trifecta was directly correlated to the wearing of bow ties and detachable collars, courtesy of The Backroom, which fall under the same category of dress occupied by chastity belts, externally-worn retainers, and 100% cotton granny panties.

My asexual partners this time were the ladies of The Backroom and the models at the fifth edition of MEWS. And while we all looked damn good thanks to, in my case, The Backroom, and thanks to V-FranzQuartier Mode, and Young & Fierce for the MEWS models, there is clearly SOMETHING going wrong considering that alcohol was involved and the clothes stayed ON.

Here is how the abstinence went down...
Top: The Backroom

Miss Cocotte ring: The Backroom
Collar and Bow Tie: The Backroom

And I whole-heartedly apologize to my mother, my god-loving grandfather (who is under the impression that I have been going to church every Sunday morning), and to the Pope for always finding some kind of unnecessary sexual innuendo in EVERY title that I apply to my blog posts. Alas, the closest I have gotten to a real-live priest is Father John Misty, and his dance moves were NOT child-friendly, but that's another sexually-charged blog post for another day.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

An FWF, Ambush Apparel & Max Power Photography Trifecta

Back in March, this 3-fold alliance featuring me as blogger-turned-unfortunate-and-laughable-model allowed for a photo shoot that brought together the likes of Ambush Apparel, the photography skillzz of my brother Max Power, and the re-emerging and always welcomed presence of my alternating facial expressions, most accurately described as "sexy face" and "obnoxious face." It went a little something like this...
-sexy face...
-obnoxious face...
-sexy face...
-obnoxious face...
-unidentifiable fusion of sexy face with obnoxious face that makes little to no communicational sense and therefore should be eliminated entirely from my facial repertoire
-my arrival at the self-realization that I should never model again...


Ambush Apparel is a young streetwear brand based out of Toronto for both the ladies and the fellers that all began in 2010 by Cam and Gaelen Mackay. If you like what you see here, cruise on over to their website and snatch up a t-shirt from their sophomore collection and then take a gander at their S/S 2012 promo video right hurr.

And finishing off the tripod is Max Power Photography (I seriously did not intend for this to be a photography pun, but now it is, and YOU WILL LIKE IT), the newly born company of my big brother and long-time Asian accomplice. Now he takes photos and I make idiotic facial contortions... Mom and Dad are sooo proud.
But seriously, if you could just once take me seriously when I say "seriously," he's kinda the best, so check out his webasite

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Current Fetish: Deceased Dentistry

While my estrogen levels are normally on a roller-coaster tycoon ride thanks to the trusty baby-preventers over at Bayer Incorporated, my creative juices have been experiencing a similar joyride for the past month, meaning that all I want to do is begin designing jewellery out of weird-ass materials that will hopefully upset my parents and frighten any improbable potential future in-laws from inviting me into the family.

And in the middle of all of this inventive turmoil, as if a direct sign from Jesus Christ himself, the ultimate symbol of resurrection, in comes the collection of Polly Van Der Glas with all of its commendable dedication to recycling. But this ain't the kind of recycling program you learned about in Girl Scouts. Try reducing, reusing, and recycling dead people's hair and teeth. And then fastening this same hair and teeth to your earlobes for the sake of personal adornment. Weird? Oh yes. Disrespectful? I imagine so. Illegal? One can only hope.

I don't know whether this is the dream of a taxidermist or of a recovering serial killer who has repressed his murderous tendencies for just a tad bit too long. Nor do I know whether I should be worried about the fact that I find these pieces neither creepy nor disturbing, and about what ominous insights that this may provide into my overall mental stability.

All I know is this: next pay cheque is going straight into a shovel and a map of Montreal's cemetery system...