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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Things that are Better in the Back: A Theme Board

Besides the presupposed and obvious sexual reference, there are several things in this big ol' world of ours which do well located in the often understated and too often overlooked back. Oh yes, believe it people. Here I have compiled a visual board of images which exemplify my theory in practice. It is, without a doubt, better in the back.

Exhibit A: Neil Barrett dress via SSENSE
This concoction gives this girl a human tail or, to be more accurate, an extensively long butt flap whose practical use is non-existent but whose party-factor is way up. Imagine this one on a windy day. Fly that butt flag girl, fly it.

Exhibit B: The Back of John Stamos' head. 
Pure Sex.

Exhibit C: My Tail Top from ZARA
Although I try to avoid shopping at fast fashion outlets as much as possible, this one wrangled me in  the second I saw its fortuitous side appendage, and though not entirely located at the back as is required for the topic at hand, I will most likely be wearing this at the launch party for the following and final exhibit, making it therefore, thematically appropriate.

Exhibit That Trumps All Previous Exhibits: The Backroom Montreal Grand Opening
Get there, be there. The best looking back in town. 

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