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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yelle, ma belle

If you are in need of some visual stimulation this morning, check out this music video from the French electro-pop group, Yelle, one of the best things that I discovered during my 10 month vacation educationally-fulfilling experience in France. This is a combo of not one but two, count em', TWO songs: Safari Disco Club and Que Veux-Tu? Music, art, fashion, this video has got it all.

And can we just talk about Yelle's spandex, giraffe-print body suit featured in the video? Can you say "wardrobe STAPLE?" Definitely church, job-interview, and date-night-appropriate. You think I'm kidding...

Well it comes as no surprise, since lead singer and namesake, Yelle (born Julie Budet), is one stylin sista. She's like a Katie Perry that can sing LIVE. Whoops...I mean...

Yelle's new album comes out tomorrow. Get it here.

On another note, this week is LG Fashion Week in Toronto. The theme is "The Business of Fashion." I will be there in full force as a volunteer and will report back to you from the front lines of what I see!

So follow Food Water Fashion via Twitter, on Bloglovin' or like me on Facebook. Ok? Ok!

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Way of the Future

So today, in my futile attempts at homework completion, I stumbled upon these...

I know, right? Mr. Futuristic met Ms. Fashion and this turned out to be their love-child. Who ever said promiscuity was a bad thing??? 

These mega heels by Opening Ceremony, one of the brands I am currently lusting over, were designed through the collaborative efforts of said brand and Disney (yes, I said Disney) for the Tron Legacy by Opening Ceremony collection. 

Never seen the movie (and don't really plan on ever seeing it), but I dig what it has inspired. Neon-pop colours are going to be everywhere this Spring and the cutting-edge, high-tech aesthetic is oh so contemporary. Almost robotic. And since robots will eventually dominate the world, why not just go with it???
Funnel-Neck Bomber Jacket in Orange

They come in yellow, orange, blue and black. 
 My bank account is protesting. I should really listen to it. Uh oh...

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Here is just a little bit of a "pick-me-up" that I want to share with you, shall we say, some "words of WISERdom?"
This is what I have plastered to my mirror to get me going every day.

Inspiring, non?
Short answer: OUI!

You now have permission to CONQUER THE WORLD.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Short in Front & Long in Back

Welcome to the second installment of... (So I guess I need a name for this segment. Throw me your suggestions!) where I feature the most ludicrous of trends which only the brave at heart dare to try out.
I do recommend approaching these trends with caution because people WILL stare.
But as I've said before, plain people are fatiguing, so get out there and embrace your freaky-deeky-ness!

For those of you who scoffed at my claim to the triumphant return of the Fanny Pack,you're gonna hate me even more this time.

Ladies and Gents, I give you, the Mullet Tee. 

Sure it's offensive as a hair style, but as a top, it is HELLA fly (most effectively pronounced in a "straight-from-the-Bronx" accent).
Casual, but stylish. Wear it over pants, leggings, shorts, skirts....the mullet tee doesn't discriminate. So don't hate on it!

When the leopard-print and the mullet united as one. Glorious. Find it here.
And then find this one here.

And because a post involving the word "mullet" could never be complete without a collection of related and inspiring photographic GEMS, please enjoy the following...


My personal fav.

The mullet's time of exile is over. Be courageous and soldier forward with pride in your Mullet Tees. But if you take it too far and this trend starts hangin' out on top of your head, like any of these handsome fellows above, I take no responsibility for any resulting hate crimes committed against you. 


Friday, March 18, 2011

Girl Crush Alert

Attention, all you heterosexual females out there: A forewarning that the following may incite you to question your sexuality as you know it. 

Girl, prepare to go from straight to croooooked!

I give you Emma Watson, known better as Hermione Granger to some. Well, I've got news for all you Harry Potter freaks fans. Emma is WAY less obnoxiously irritating than her sorceress counterpart AND way more likely to provoke lady-lust out of us most straight-laced girls and as a result, reel us all over to L-camp, without ever having cast a single magic spell. Now that's talent.

Since the wee age of NINE years old, Emma has evolved into a style maven, quoted as having once said, "I've been focusing on art a lot, and fashion's a great extension of that." (I just shed a single tear.) 

Not only has she posed as the face for Burberry, but she also collaborated to design a fair trade fashion line with the U.K.-based design and manufacturing brand, People Tree, releasing the most recent line in Autumn/Winter 2010. 

For her unfairly chic fashion sense, her rad haircut, and for her work in producing and promoting socially-conscious clothing, I dub Emma Watson my future girlfriend. 

Pre-pubescent velvet colour-blocking ? Aw yah.
Fast forward to fashion-forward.

Leather/Lace/Floral. No words.

Posing for Teen Vogue and rockin' the off-the-shoulder furry carcass look.  Ha.

This dress....ugh
Nope, THIS dress. Designed by Rafael Lopez. Very Black Swan-esque, and we all know which side Natalie Portman was playing for in that movie....
All I got to say is: Hey Emma, text sext me, baby.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Got Flava

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for (not so much?), there's ANOTHER way to connect to my blog, a.k.a. my endless banter on clothes and.............um.........clothes. yep.

Why don't ya mosey on over to my flavors.me page.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easy Peasy Sunday DIY

On another lazy Sunday night, I'm sure you are sprawled across your couch, donning your sexiest sweat pant and hoodie combination, watching en entire season of Saved by the Bell. (No? Ok, Full House? No? Anybody?) That's right, you're lookin hotta, smellin good.....or not.

So I propose that you take a break between the 9th and 10th episode and create the EASIEST Do-It-Yoself project that ever there was, in preparation for those times in life when your favourite XXL t-shirt adorned with unidentifiable stains (yes, the one you are currently wearing) just won't cut it.

Your muse will be this Urban Renewal Bow Tie Necklace from Urban Outfitters.
Price-tag? - 28$
Rip-off? - Totally

Do I even NEED to explain how to make this one?

Here's the rundown: Tonight, you will unite a lonely chain and a sexy bow tie in a steamy, passionate, black-tie "affair." Result? You're gonna be one super stylin' pimp.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Hyde! (and Go Seek Some Musical Theatre Therapy)

For those of you in the Guelph area, you may need to pop an extra Prozac today. Why, you may ask?
Look out the window. Yep. That famous groundhog is a lying scoundrel.

Another equally effective option is to  throw on your snazziest snowsuit and head on over to War Memorial Hall to take in some singing and dancing vis-à-vis Jekyll & Hyde the Musical.

My roommate Brian is the director and my other roommate, Meg, is one of the leading ladies.
The show is running tonight @ 8pm, and tomorrow @ 2pm and 8pm, but get there early to buy your tickets.

Remember, depression hurts, but you don't have to.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's a super freak

Two nights ago, I went to the bar where I work  to take part in some extracurricular beverage consumption. I was sporting my favourite faux-fur vest, when I was greeted by my friend and chauffeur, Kevin who remarked, "You made me wait so that you could dress up like a bear?" And, the tyranny didn't stop there. Upon arrival, the first thing said to me by my manager was, "What the hell are you wearing?"

Logical Conclusion: I'm a freak.

Let us disect this topic a little further. According to Urban Dictionary,


1.)A term that is a 'catch-all' for mainstream society to use to describe anyone who they may believe isn't mainstream. Such as mallgoths, punks, hardcore kids, emos, metalheads, goths and whatnot... pretty much used to describe anyone wearing black. 

even worse are those who accept the term and call themselves a freak, such people are usually just mallgoth tools.

Previous Conclusion Amended: I am a mallgoth tool......well damn

ANYWAYS, in light of my attempts to whole-heartedly embrace my newly acquired status, I am now going to shamelessly encourage the following three, absolutely ridiculous, but entirely incredible trends.

1. The Fanny Pack is back betch:
Hallelujah, I knew this day would come.

Dolce & Gabanna: Milan Fashion Week 2011

Dsquared: Fall/Winter 2011

2. Leopard-Print Soles:
The perfect trend for all those (like me) who possess a deeply-rooted distrust of the feline family. I mean  really, would your cat save your from a burning house? I think NOT.
Jeffrey Campbell

Andy from Style Scrapbook

3. Flatforms:
Now before you delve feet-first (see that? Pun!) into this trend, know that wearing a flatform requires the sacrifice of any and all sex-appeal you may have once possessed. But c'mon people, it's Lent, sacrifices MUST be made.

Who What Wear

Join the ranks. Normal is boring. Let's all dress like freaks together. Hussah!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Boy, Hoi Bo!

Back in November, I took a day off school and ventured into the Big Smoke to attend the One of a Kind Show, the annual craft and artisan exhibition and sale. The show featured some definite winners and some tragic losers (I have never seen such a vast choice of straaaaange hats in my life.) And, of course,  plenty of free tasting samples to maintain my happy belly. 

Two outstanding vendors that caught my eye and my heart created such an impression on me, that I have been creepily internet-stalking them ever since.

Let me introduce to you to Vancouver-based Toodlebunny  Designs and Hoi Bo from Toronto.

I was immediately drawn into the whimsical elements that come together in the charming, eclectic and edgy jewellery pieces that make up the Toodlebunny collection.  My mom (bless her soul) bought me a pair of Toodlebunny earrings as a Christmas present. And as someone who VENERATES earrings, it speaks greatly of this jewellery line when I say that this pair has become my favourite out of my entire personal collection.

Similarly, when I  wandered into the Hoi Bo booth, I was an innocent, unprepared for the things that I was about to see,  and  came out corrupted by the genius of designer Sarra Tang. Her beautifully hand-crafted bags and garments combine the most versatile and classic materials to produce high-quality pieces that are truly stunning. Sadly, I had to tear my broken heart away from  Hoi Bo to preserve the already piteous contents of my wallet. Sigh. 
Now, observe and be seduced....

Want more? Of course you do. http://www.toodlebunny.com and http://www.hoibo.com/
Your velcome.