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Friday, March 25, 2011

The Way of the Future

So today, in my futile attempts at homework completion, I stumbled upon these...

I know, right? Mr. Futuristic met Ms. Fashion and this turned out to be their love-child. Who ever said promiscuity was a bad thing??? 

These mega heels by Opening Ceremony, one of the brands I am currently lusting over, were designed through the collaborative efforts of said brand and Disney (yes, I said Disney) for the Tron Legacy by Opening Ceremony collection. 

Never seen the movie (and don't really plan on ever seeing it), but I dig what it has inspired. Neon-pop colours are going to be everywhere this Spring and the cutting-edge, high-tech aesthetic is oh so contemporary. Almost robotic. And since robots will eventually dominate the world, why not just go with it???
Funnel-Neck Bomber Jacket in Orange

They come in yellow, orange, blue and black. 
 My bank account is protesting. I should really listen to it. Uh oh...


  1. those babies are beaitful. bit of my price range though :(



  2. those shoes are really cool, great post!


  3. OOH ya those are superb.
    Thanks for your very sweet comment on my last post- you have a lovely blog!
    New follower : )

  4. LOVE the black dress and yellow shoes!!! :)

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  5. I love this tron collection!!--like that much!!! The colors, the fabrics..everything is super cool and bright!!!
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