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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Oh Boy, Hoi Bo!

Back in November, I took a day off school and ventured into the Big Smoke to attend the One of a Kind Show, the annual craft and artisan exhibition and sale. The show featured some definite winners and some tragic losers (I have never seen such a vast choice of straaaaange hats in my life.) And, of course,  plenty of free tasting samples to maintain my happy belly. 

Two outstanding vendors that caught my eye and my heart created such an impression on me, that I have been creepily internet-stalking them ever since.

Let me introduce to you to Vancouver-based Toodlebunny  Designs and Hoi Bo from Toronto.

I was immediately drawn into the whimsical elements that come together in the charming, eclectic and edgy jewellery pieces that make up the Toodlebunny collection.  My mom (bless her soul) bought me a pair of Toodlebunny earrings as a Christmas present. And as someone who VENERATES earrings, it speaks greatly of this jewellery line when I say that this pair has become my favourite out of my entire personal collection.

Similarly, when I  wandered into the Hoi Bo booth, I was an innocent, unprepared for the things that I was about to see,  and  came out corrupted by the genius of designer Sarra Tang. Her beautifully hand-crafted bags and garments combine the most versatile and classic materials to produce high-quality pieces that are truly stunning. Sadly, I had to tear my broken heart away from  Hoi Bo to preserve the already piteous contents of my wallet. Sigh. 
Now, observe and be seduced....

Want more? Of course you do. http://www.toodlebunny.com and http://www.hoibo.com/
Your velcome.

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