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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That 70's Style


It was once a television show about a group of pot-smoking teenagers with phenomenal hair and death-defying platform shoes. Now it's a fashion trend.
This summer, you don't have to be a female giantess with flaming red hair or a miniature brunette with a voice that hollows out ear drums to strut around in flared jeans, bangles, huge hoops, retro sunglasses and couch-patterned tunics (also defined as "paisley" for those of you who don't have an atrocious sofa that's been occupying your basement since 1973). 

Here's my beach version:
  • floppy felt hat
  • big sunnies
  • Jeffrey Campbell wooden clogs
  • high-waisted bikini bottoms in a vibrant print

So next time you're in a fashion rut, think Fez.

Sunday, June 26, 2011


You may be fooled by the following photo; misled into believing that I am a pleasantly conservative young lady with a hair-style which complies to her respectable social-standing who enjoys curiously glancing at ceilings out of the corner of her eyes. 
Although I do occasionally find ceilings to be mildly interesting and in need of a thorough observation, I do not possess a normal hair-do no more. 
Tis the season to take risks, and so I gave my hairstylist, Jess at Catalina Salon in Peterborough, the go ahead to snip away at my strands and carve out a freakish masterpiece on the top of my head, which she did, in my opinion. Kudos and a hearty handshake to her. 
In line with my original goal, my 88 year old grandmother will most likely become frightened at the sight of me and rendered speech-impaired for a minimum of 5 days. Can fashion have a more noble mission?
No. No it cannot.

Are you ready to see it??

Are you sure? Because I actually am missing hair on one side of my head.

Like, I mean quasi-balding.

Which is kind of weird because I am under the age of 45.

1/4 of my head looks like that of a boy or a of deranged criminal.


Dahh Dahhh Dahhhh!!!! 

So, verdict? You like, you like? Or are you anti-shave? Either way that you sway, this is going to shake up my style and force me out of my comfort zone.
The moral of the story is this: Razors can do wonders, and not just to your bikini line.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fashionably (as of) Late

I live at a cottage and it is raining. 
Cottage. Rain. Paradoxical, n'est-ce pas? 
My skin pigment is shameful and hilarious tan lines, non-existent. 

So I hope you are sharing in my in my ensuing state of  fun-lacking and boredom-having, to the point where you will find the proposition of looking at photos of my life (in the recent tense) extremely, irresistibly, and tantalizingly intriguing compared to your current task of thumb-twiddling. 

Photo Summary:
  1. I graduated and received a shiny certificate with RAISED LETTERING (a.k.a I am soooo accomplished). Then I took one of those "jumping in the air" photos which failed miserably.
  2. I left my cottage to go party at a...........cottage.
  3. My friend ate a glorious roll of sushi, at the sight of which I salivated profusely.
  4. I bought several things for uno dollario. (I assume that is Spanish.)
  5. I tied my furry necklace/headband/ex-glove-cuff to my bag to make a bag rat-tail. And I tanned. But NOT TODAY!!!


Finishing school, working regularly and saving money are boredom-inducers. Fight back!
Fashion is fun.
La fin.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When in Rome...

But what I really mean is, when in a strawberry field on the very first day of summer, do as the strawberries do, A.K.A. dress in red from head to toe so that people think you're sweet and want to pick you and put you in their basket. 
It's a classic example of Biomimetics: the science of taking inspiration from nature to solve practical, human problems. My human problem? The berries look better than me.
Do not question the validity of the previous statement, critical thinking is over-rated.

Dress: vintage heirloom that my aunt wore in the 70s  Sunglasses: vintage
I Went Burrryyy Pickin'
by Lisa Power
These are dangerous times in the berry patch.

Now if you disagree with my clothing choice, you may choose to instead dress like this...

Or, like our smallest style striker of the day, boldly mixing animal print with polka dots and sweet-ass shades. I highly recommend this look.

 Moving on...

For your entertainment, I have ended my story with a play-by-play of the final encounter between me, the hunter, and some fine looking berries, the hunted.

I assessed
I went in for it
Almost there

Happy Summer!

P.S. Hair appointment is booked for Friday morning. Adios conservative hairstyle.

Friday, June 17, 2011

PHOTOG shoot

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I have a photo shoot scheduled with a boudoir/glamour photography business (a Christmas gift from my mommy), which offers middle-aged, post-child rearing and career-vexed women the chance to pose in front of a camera in nothing but their itty-bitty skivvies and then show the photos to their husbands who will thus proceed to jump their bones for the first time in an abominable amount of time. 

So, I guess I'm the perfect candidate! 

Except NOT. But I'm going to have fun with it and try to put a creative twist on it. Here are some the images that are inspiring me right now for the shoot. Fairy-tale esque, corseted, dreamy, white, black, red, etcetera etcetera.