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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

When in Rome...

But what I really mean is, when in a strawberry field on the very first day of summer, do as the strawberries do, A.K.A. dress in red from head to toe so that people think you're sweet and want to pick you and put you in their basket. 
It's a classic example of Biomimetics: the science of taking inspiration from nature to solve practical, human problems. My human problem? The berries look better than me.
Do not question the validity of the previous statement, critical thinking is over-rated.

Dress: vintage heirloom that my aunt wore in the 70s  Sunglasses: vintage
I Went Burrryyy Pickin'
by Lisa Power
These are dangerous times in the berry patch.

Now if you disagree with my clothing choice, you may choose to instead dress like this...

Or, like our smallest style striker of the day, boldly mixing animal print with polka dots and sweet-ass shades. I highly recommend this look.

 Moving on...

For your entertainment, I have ended my story with a play-by-play of the final encounter between me, the hunter, and some fine looking berries, the hunted.

I assessed
I went in for it
Almost there

Happy Summer!

P.S. Hair appointment is booked for Friday morning. Adios conservative hairstyle.

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