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Monday, December 10, 2012

Food Water Fashion - The Obituary

 As some of you may have noticed (amend: may NOT have noticed), I have been a blogosphere absentee for the past few weeks as a symptomatic reaction to the surplus in seasonal academic examination scheduling and its associated personal increase in "alcohol-as-a-coping-mechanism" activity as well as my accumulating distaste for this entire blog in general. To be brief, this blog is coming to an end. Yes, my lovely followers and friends, Food Water Fashion shall be no more.

This decision came after a bout of swelling personal frustration coupled with more than one trip to the school bathroom featuring the Dawson Leery Ugly Cry and finally, a conscious awareness of my dissatisfaction with the amateur nature of this blog. Since beginning FWF approximately two years ago as a fun outlet for me to regurgitate my inner innapropriateness and for visually cataloguing my love for fashion and art, my motivation for blogging has evolved from casual frivolity to necessity. I cannot imagine no longer blogging. If the measure of one's passion can be determined by what the mind turns to when it wanders, then blogging (as well as men with enough tattoos to offend my father) is mine.Which is another reason why the acceptance of this blog's impending death has been dragged out like a depressing relationship.

But like a vacuously lonely recent dump-ee, breakups necessitate rebounds and this next one is going to be GODDAMN SEXY. It will also stick around longer than the duration of an awkward morning-after breakfast.

COMING SOON...ish to a computer screen near you, my next blog:


Trust me guys, this one's gonna be good.

If you do not value your free time, continue to follow my Facebook and Twitter for insolent banter and for announcements regarding the upcoming blog's launch in the coming weeks.

Until our next viral interaction, stay classy…………….. individually applicable urban centres….

Ok, BYE.


Thursday, November 22, 2012

F+W+F = The Mathematics of Style

Edition #1: Irritable Bowel Synd-wich+Coffee All Day Er' Day+La Fourrure 

Introducing a weekly roster of the FOOD, the WATER and the FASHION whose presence did grace my life in the past 7 days. User-friendly and broken down into simple math to humour the left side of your brain into thinking that it still has value post grade 12 calculus failure.
This week's equation features free Tim Horton's sandwiches, coffee stains and lipstick memoirs, and between 40 to 50 muskrats reincarnated for collar-poppin' purposes.

Fur Coat - Vintage | T-Shirt - TRAVIS TADDEO | Shorts - Value Village | Boots  - Deena & Ozzy 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sexxxual Confessions Featuring Denim on Denim

And from then on their TREND-scending love was proclaimed. Show your support this fall for free love in fashion and get your denim on denim...on. Don't hate, copulate.

Who knew that sexual metaphors could be so wearable?
Jean Jacket - Vintage | Mesh Sweat Shirt - Vintage | White Top - Complex Geometries | Jeans - Guess? | Boots - Topshop

And in the spirit of taking risks in the closet,  I wouldn't be surprised if this were the beginning of a regular feature. Look forward to such conversation anecdotes as: "I want you in my pants," said my loins to the cotton/bamboo thermal underwear.

And in vaguely relevant updates, I give you "Platonic Love" c/o my mom and I.

Happy Weekend. And for more time-wasters, click it.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We're all Winners Here

All of us, except for those of you who lost, meaning most of you. On the other hand (or shall I say, collarbone) shall be found this necklace. And the especially lucky collarbone of which I speak belongs to @Julinthesky. 

Congrats girl.
Thanks to all who sabotaged their personal twitter feeds as well as their hickey-free neck integrity all in the name of the democratic distribution of style.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Just dollin' it out like Sandy Claus

As if you haven't been ambushed from behind and then ratatap-tapped on the head repeatedly about the significance of the forthcoming Hurricane Sandy in our collective "things that are pop-culturally significant" cognition, I come bringing yet another piteous play on words with my "Sandy Claus" self-proclamation in lieu of the fact that I would like to take this opportunity to GIVE YOU FREE SHIT. Which is likely the only reason you are reading this at all, isn't it, you greedy, materialistic bastards? Well fine then, I will shut up with my lame attempt at ironic charm and get to the climactic point.

Miss Cocotte just launched her campaign for her newest line, VERSUS, in which I pout and purr and do hopefully sexy things with my hips which were, in fact, mostly just awkward in practice.

POINT BEING: If you care to look up yonder, you shall see a fancy lil' necklace that I will give to you if you succeed at proving yourself worthy.

Critical factors of Worthiness:
1) Comment below with your name & Twitter handle.
2) Follow me and Miss Cocotte on Twitter goddamit.
2) Extra entry if you tweet this: @FoodH20Fashion x @MissCocotte Versus necklace contest offers post-hickey-hiding insurance. Enter http://www.foodwaterfashion.com/2012/10/just-dollin-it-out-like-sandy-claus.html

Get on it peoples. You have until FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2nd at MIDNIGHT, at which point Sandy Claus will swoop down your chimney with gale-force winds and generosity to boot. The fat man in red meets the hormonal elemental phenomenon and somehow, your neck gets better looking in the process. Life is rough, eh?

For the rest of the campaign photos, click heeere.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012