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Monday, December 10, 2012

Food Water Fashion - The Obituary

 As some of you may have noticed (amend: may NOT have noticed), I have been a blogosphere absentee for the past few weeks as a symptomatic reaction to the surplus in seasonal academic examination scheduling and its associated personal increase in "alcohol-as-a-coping-mechanism" activity as well as my accumulating distaste for this entire blog in general. To be brief, this blog is coming to an end. Yes, my lovely followers and friends, Food Water Fashion shall be no more.

This decision came after a bout of swelling personal frustration coupled with more than one trip to the school bathroom featuring the Dawson Leery Ugly Cry and finally, a conscious awareness of my dissatisfaction with the amateur nature of this blog. Since beginning FWF approximately two years ago as a fun outlet for me to regurgitate my inner innapropriateness and for visually cataloguing my love for fashion and art, my motivation for blogging has evolved from casual frivolity to necessity. I cannot imagine no longer blogging. If the measure of one's passion can be determined by what the mind turns to when it wanders, then blogging (as well as men with enough tattoos to offend my father) is mine.Which is another reason why the acceptance of this blog's impending death has been dragged out like a depressing relationship.

But like a vacuously lonely recent dump-ee, breakups necessitate rebounds and this next one is going to be GODDAMN SEXY. It will also stick around longer than the duration of an awkward morning-after breakfast.

COMING SOON...ish to a computer screen near you, my next blog:


Trust me guys, this one's gonna be good.

If you do not value your free time, continue to follow my Facebook and Twitter for insolent banter and for announcements regarding the upcoming blog's launch in the coming weeks.

Until our next viral interaction, stay classy…………….. individually applicable urban centres….

Ok, BYE.


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