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Monday, November 28, 2011

Brand that Hand

I did not know that these still existed. I did not know that pens and keyboards were for the weak.
No more e-mails nor hand-written signatures for me, no thank you! I can simply sign the bottom of a card with the brute force of my iron fist. YESSSSSSS.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

But How do You Know That She's a Witch?

Because she looks like one! Plain and simple, according to Monty Python, and I'm all for the elimination of stereotypical labels and everything, but seriously, in these clothes by Montreal designer Audrey Cantwell, she sure as hell will be. 

And since J.K. Rowling made it cool to be a magical creature again, what's not to embrace about the sorceress look? Boring people will quit talking to you and may even chastise you while the weirdos will look upon you in awe. And since murder is now illegal in most countries, you need not worry about finding yourself tied to a stake atop a bed of logs and sticks surrounded by a pack of ugly pilgrims wielding fire-lit torches. Sounds like a deal to me.

For more information on how you can join the ranks of social rejects and fashion die-hards, visit Ovate.ca

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Captain You Versus the Weather

 A dreary November day calls for layers upon layers upon layers, and in opposition, a single piece of jewelry, like this purrrrdy one here I picked up from a vintage sale by Lovemesome Treasures. Cheap and chic find I must say.

Because I am just frothing at the mouth (too much? ok....) DROOLING over handmade accessory and clothing lines lately. And as I often say (and seldom follow up on), "more about that later." But this time I really DO mean it because I've got some RADical newly discovered designers and their goods to introduce you to soon, in my quest to distract you from the inevitability of WINTER, in all of its soul-sucking glory. Following my step-by-step, expert-approved plan, you're guaranteed to make it through.

1. check in often
2. increase your credit limit

Don't question, just do. Ok? Ok. Remember, we're in this together.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I'm a Creep

Radiohead got it right. Who knew that when I was 13 years old and this was the only song I allowed myself to listen to in the turmoil of my adolescent angst that Thom Yorke was actually predicting my fashion future! Who KNEW??? Not I, not I.

That introduction was relevant, I swear. Because creepers are back, weirding sensible people out and inspiring fashion-addicts to rejoice, as they were always meant to do. Now if you don't know what a Creeper is, then you were neither a goth nor a punk in the 80's. But it's never too late to bring out your inner freak, as I always say.

And because I only got in touch with my inner fashionista about a year and a half ago, my undying love for Alexander Wang was not yet in development when he released these. And now that they have been marked down to a price within my financial grasp, I just gotta have em'.

How else do you expect me to carry out my daily routine with dignity, consisting in large part of creep-like activities via physical stalking Facebook?  You gotta play the part, right? So, if you know where oh where in cyberspace or real-life space that I could find these in stock, alert me! 

It is your duty, because I'm a REALLY BIG DEAL now, since being featured in the school newspaper. Believe it.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Alexander McQueen Junior

....is a WOMAN! Iris Van Herpen to be exact. Behold, (I have to say "behold" because honestly, this is a freakin' MASTERPIECE) her F/W 2011-2012 Capriole Collection. My usual approach of blabbering on like a baffoon shall thus be omitted for the duration of this post because this is the stuff of genius and I am, well, not. Your welcome. 

If this is just the beginning, imagine what could be coming.
Bon Weekend.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Blood Milk-Shake

I think I have a fascination with dead things (cue the fur addiction). I guess I`m weird.

Enter Blood Milk, a designer out of Philadelphia who creates jewelry of the most gothically-breathtaking, macabre proportions. Using materials, such as actual bear teeth and snake rib bones, this designer makes me swoon and sway and say "Olé." Well not that last part, but sometimes I have to include redundant things for the sake of creative writing. Either that, or just because I'm obnoxious. Probably the latter.


Have a holly, jolly Tuesday.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

How to Shop Innefficiently

I took some photos of the RADICAL red vest I snatched up while attempting to shop for plain black, work-appropriate tops. Fail. But it wrangled me in with its uber-softness factor, its striking velvety-red texture, and its flawless execution of the bad-ass-babe-with-style look that I so dearly covet.

AND I am comforted because today, I passed a significant milestone in my new life here in Montreal. I DEPOSITED a cheque (plus some bills). Let me repeat, DEPOSITED. Hallelujah. God is good and unicorns exist, Amen.