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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Captain You Versus the Weather

 A dreary November day calls for layers upon layers upon layers, and in opposition, a single piece of jewelry, like this purrrrdy one here I picked up from a vintage sale by Lovemesome Treasures. Cheap and chic find I must say.

Because I am just frothing at the mouth (too much? ok....) DROOLING over handmade accessory and clothing lines lately. And as I often say (and seldom follow up on), "more about that later." But this time I really DO mean it because I've got some RADical newly discovered designers and their goods to introduce you to soon, in my quest to distract you from the inevitability of WINTER, in all of its soul-sucking glory. Following my step-by-step, expert-approved plan, you're guaranteed to make it through.

1. check in often
2. increase your credit limit

Don't question, just do. Ok? Ok. Remember, we're in this together.

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