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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tackle the Trend: Don't Choke

This is not a joke. (Joke. Choke. Ya, that's right, it's RHYME-TIME!) Ahem. Child-like tendencies aside, chokers are this  season's got-to-wear-exploit accessory. They were spotted on the necks of Michael Kors' runway lassies and soon, shall be spotted on you, where they will hinder free head movement and spastic side-looks. But who needs uninhibited neck-mobility when one can simply rotate one's entire body to communicate a dirty look? Laziness is not an option here! How many times have I said that obesity is a problem and somehow, fashion usually ends up being the solution? Too many times!

Anywho, here is me body-checking this trend (then wrestling it to the ground) for everyday wear. Keep any other accessorizing to a MINIMUM. No chandelier-earrings here my compadres. 

Oh and p.s. I just received some supa hot booties courtesy of the neighbourhood mailman. Keep me on your radar to see em'.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Indian Summer

It's hot out and glorious. It's also September. Why do these two things not correlate? I don't know and I don't  particularly care. Because here in little ol' Montreal, sidewalk sales abound and where people's discarded garments go, I naturally follow. It's kind of like dumpster-diving, minus the rotten banana peels and the 5 metre radius of separation which curiously establishes itself between you and all other human beings until your next bath (or sponge-bath for those of you who are REALLY hurtin'). 

I'm telling you this to make a point. Yes, I DO sometimes have a larger purpose when fashioning these nonsensical posts. This one being that you don't have to be rolling in the dough to dress as if you actually have some (dough, I mean) (and by dough I mean money/moula/billz and/or a sugardaddy, although I highly recommend the latter). And in this global-warming-given hot weather, you have no excuse but to hit up your local second-hand store or sidewalk and trade 10 bucks for 10 things. 

So go, go NOW!  NOW, NOW, NOW!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fashion Safety 101: Limb-Loss

Tomorrow is a work holiday and we all know what happens when people don't go to work. Accidents, that's what! People experience an ethereal high triggered by this new-found freedom and slowly lose their capacity for responsible decision-making. They fall into rivers, tumble off ladders and even, in the worst cases, lose limbs. And I don't mean that they misplace them, oooooooh no. I mean that they get all cocky and think they're gonna pull out the chainsaw and finally chop down that tree that's been blocking their carefully-positioned look-out base which gives the most impeccable view of the cute girl/guy next door, and then lo and behold, arms/legs/pinky fingers get the heave-ho in a bloody, chainsaw-massacre-esque scene.

Well, in the fashion world, we face these perils EVERYDAY! Especially since the oh-so-sexy hand chains emerged onto the scene. You put one of these on and you can say ta-ta to your finger(s) if anything were ever to catch itself on that pesky, yet gorgeous, little chain that links the bracelet to the ring. 

So, in this chapter, your homework is to carefully examine each of the following case-studies and determine which poses the most risk to the maintenance of all of your current limbs and then..................................................go buy it.

Mesh Diamond Hand Piece

The moral of this bed-time story is not that you should be wary of eating lovely-looking apples from hooded, wart-faced and jealousy-infested queens disguised as good-hearted yet horrifically unattractive senior citizens, although I'm sure that I may have accidentally aluded to the contrary. 

Where was I? Ah, yes, morals. This one being that fashion hurts and prosthetics were made for a reason. 

Embrace both.

Images courtesy of Free People, bellesandrebelles.blogspot.com, shopstyle.com.au, Polyvore, House of Harlow, and 2dopebitches.com

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lanvin makes a funny

Chuckle Chuckle
Hah Hah..............................................................Snort.

I  like it when people take themselves less seriously than they are supposed to. And when people who can't dance...........do.
High fives and ass-smacks all around!!!