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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tackle the Trend: Don't Choke

This is not a joke. (Joke. Choke. Ya, that's right, it's RHYME-TIME!) Ahem. Child-like tendencies aside, chokers are this  season's got-to-wear-exploit accessory. They were spotted on the necks of Michael Kors' runway lassies and soon, shall be spotted on you, where they will hinder free head movement and spastic side-looks. But who needs uninhibited neck-mobility when one can simply rotate one's entire body to communicate a dirty look? Laziness is not an option here! How many times have I said that obesity is a problem and somehow, fashion usually ends up being the solution? Too many times!

Anywho, here is me body-checking this trend (then wrestling it to the ground) for everyday wear. Keep any other accessorizing to a MINIMUM. No chandelier-earrings here my compadres. 

Oh and p.s. I just received some supa hot booties courtesy of the neighbourhood mailman. Keep me on your radar to see em'.

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