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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stylin à la Speilberg

That pesky fish is at it again. Jaws, that is. Four blockbuster films, decades of cult-induced fear on a global scale, and an annual, week-long, internationally-broadcast National Geographic television series dedicated solely to him and his shark comrades clearly aren't enough for this teethy limelight whore. 

But here he is AGAIN. In case you need a semi-annual dose of shark week every year, the Aussie designer, Emma Mulholland, is serving up these hungry beasts for your wearing enjoyment every day of the year! The spirit of Shark Week need not end and the Jaws series need never be resurrected now that this collection is here for thematic summer trips to the beach (made even more appropriate if your beach of choice is notorious for shark sightings). You can grab it here before it's all gone. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mews: An Homage to Fashion and Beer

shot by Danik of Montreal Street Fashion

Last Thursday night, I cheated on my detox. I had a beer and a vodka soda. I felt.......like a fat kid discovering Nutella ashamed and regretful. What monster rendered me incapable of maintaining my valiant self-discipline after 2 bereft weeks without coffee (amongst other glorious dietary staples) made even more enjoyable with the addition of a delicious liver cleanse cocktail featuring olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and ginger? 

Who are these culprits? 

1) My growing suspicion that my mother drank throughout her pregnancy coupled with...
2) MEWS 

Once a month, Montrealers in weird clothes have been gathering at the Royal Phoenix Bar to celebrate local, underground fashion design and art care of MEWS, which is probably just a play on words of the word "muse" but is more likely Franglais for "party time is now." And at MEWS, Danik and Dina of Die Young Die Happy Productions create a breeding ground for unbridled creative talent as well as future Alcoholics Anonymous Gold Star members; a winning combination if you ask me. For its third time around, MEWS showcased the knitting genius of Maude Nibelungen, followed by Aries & Leander (whose line featured  butterflies sprouting from collars) and finished off with the stupidly artistic Melina Mannaz.

There were no false pretences of importance, no post-plastic-surgery upturned noses, and no pre-conceived notions of first-row entitlement at this fashion event. In ditching the diva facade, MEWS reminds me why I truly love fashion and why I think beer brings me closer to God

Louis (delaineetdesatin.blogspot.com), Alex and Olivier (aromespourlaretine.blogspot.com)

Marie, Me & Moustache

All photos of me belong to Danik Yopp, the rest are MINE....(betches).

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Think I have Elephantiasis

Minus the abnormal swelling of the skin tissue and the symptomatic bodily deformations. Well maybe it's not Elephantiasis. But, I do have an unhealthy obsession with this new hat that I swindled off of Etsy. And it just so happens to be BEDAZZLED with elephants. CASE IN POINT. 

I dub it my M.I.A. hat, and I will be sure to wear it if ever I find myself in front of a throng of crazed football fans and feel the urge to flip them all the bird. Either that or just about every day this summer. I find it also highly congruent with the style direction that I have noticed myself following in the past few days, which I mentioned here; a personal dressing aesthetic whose final product consists of me looking a lot like a boy. I blame not only this hat but also my Alexander Wang creeper booties, made worse by the fact that I am seriously contemplating purchasing another pair of A. Wangs, only this time a heel that is trying for "sexy" but ending up at "awkward." 

Wait. This sounds familiar. It sounds a lot like my life. Shit. 

So as you can see, I am coming to meaningful personal-revelations and thus feeling much better about myself.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Update: What's been hanging from my lobes

Answer: MissCocotte. Well, not the actual Montreal jewellery designer herself (I'm sure that would be fairly awkward and decidedly painful), but these fabulous earrings from her newest and recently launched collection sure have been. They've been hangin' out on the sides of my head and drawing lots of attention from peers and passers-by alike, in the form of celebratory comments in which they proceed to congratulate me for adorning my earlobes with said earrings, one of these more impressionable commentators to have erroneously assumed them to be Givenchy.

But as I have already established, Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci has a particular penchant for cats and, now apparently, shark bicuspids, neither of which have been anywhere near my earlobes........lately. 

I actually picked these up at the launch event of the new collection of Miss Cocotte who, by day, answers to the name of Josée Gagnon, and by night graciously prevents accessory-famished people like myself from having to forgo our apartments in exchange for the acquisition of actual Givenchy. 


If you are in Montreal, swing by Georges Louen opticien on Sherbrooke St. to fawn over, furiously deliberate over, and then finally succumb to the purchasing of a piece of her nouvelle collection, Horizon.

And look forward to a potential collaboration between Miss Cocotte and I this summer or early fall...Cyeahhh. 

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travis Taddeo: Live in your Living Room

Mark it on your calendars and set your alarms because T.T. in T.O. is happening this FRIDAY at 5pm at World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week.

And now you can watch the entire show LIVE HERE. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don't actually have to be at the show to see the show.You don't even have to get dressed up to see the show. Hell, you might as well watch it naked. Or (in an attempt to pay homage to the theme, Doomed Generation) you could always wear this:

Because, I do imagine that the world will simply implode at the end of this one.

Personally, I'll be having a slippers and sweatpants party to inaugurate the Travis Taddeo F/W 2012-13 collection and to cheer on (using my most obnoxious girl whoop) Travis and his team (of which I am an intern) for all the work that has gone into its creation.

There will be Japanese leather, suede, red fox fur, and jersey (only to name a few) in smoky greys and flashes of burning red. Doomsday is starting to sound a lot less doom and a lot more va-va-VOOM.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Currently Craving: Clunky Funky Footwear

Ladies: there is nothing like a hefty clunker on your feet to convert your walk from a graceful gait to a waddling traipse and thus inspire sexual urges of the most XXX-rated kind in the minds of men, women, heck, even garden gnomes. And by sexual urges, I'm sure you recognized my outright sarcasm and understood that this was code for absolute revulsion.

But Spring is here and with it comes new trends, and although I am never one to occupy a trend's cheering section, I will compromise if that trend makes me look substantially weirder.

Cue the funny footwear. And cue the stares and snickers (and not the delicious chocolate kind). I embrace it all however. 

Now what's say you? Join me this summer season in dressing our feet to mimic cement blocks? There is no greater gesture of love. Except this.

A. Wang...obviously

Unique by Topshop

Marques Almeida via Opening Ceremony

More Wang

Some gladiator goodness from Michael Kors

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

That Photo-shoot I Promised

Here it is, the results of my first ever styling for a photo-shoot endeavour. I painted my face like a clown and then got hypothermia. It was magical.

Photography: Peter Nguyen
Makeup and hair: Alessandra Ferreri