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Monday, March 12, 2012

Currently Craving: Clunky Funky Footwear

Ladies: there is nothing like a hefty clunker on your feet to convert your walk from a graceful gait to a waddling traipse and thus inspire sexual urges of the most XXX-rated kind in the minds of men, women, heck, even garden gnomes. And by sexual urges, I'm sure you recognized my outright sarcasm and understood that this was code for absolute revulsion.

But Spring is here and with it comes new trends, and although I am never one to occupy a trend's cheering section, I will compromise if that trend makes me look substantially weirder.

Cue the funny footwear. And cue the stares and snickers (and not the delicious chocolate kind). I embrace it all however. 

Now what's say you? Join me this summer season in dressing our feet to mimic cement blocks? There is no greater gesture of love. Except this.

A. Wang...obviously

Unique by Topshop

Marques Almeida via Opening Ceremony

More Wang

Some gladiator goodness from Michael Kors

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