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Monday, March 26, 2012

Mews: An Homage to Fashion and Beer

shot by Danik of Montreal Street Fashion

Last Thursday night, I cheated on my detox. I had a beer and a vodka soda. I felt.......like a fat kid discovering Nutella ashamed and regretful. What monster rendered me incapable of maintaining my valiant self-discipline after 2 bereft weeks without coffee (amongst other glorious dietary staples) made even more enjoyable with the addition of a delicious liver cleanse cocktail featuring olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and ginger? 

Who are these culprits? 

1) My growing suspicion that my mother drank throughout her pregnancy coupled with...
2) MEWS 

Once a month, Montrealers in weird clothes have been gathering at the Royal Phoenix Bar to celebrate local, underground fashion design and art care of MEWS, which is probably just a play on words of the word "muse" but is more likely Franglais for "party time is now." And at MEWS, Danik and Dina of Die Young Die Happy Productions create a breeding ground for unbridled creative talent as well as future Alcoholics Anonymous Gold Star members; a winning combination if you ask me. For its third time around, MEWS showcased the knitting genius of Maude Nibelungen, followed by Aries & Leander (whose line featured  butterflies sprouting from collars) and finished off with the stupidly artistic Melina Mannaz.

There were no false pretences of importance, no post-plastic-surgery upturned noses, and no pre-conceived notions of first-row entitlement at this fashion event. In ditching the diva facade, MEWS reminds me why I truly love fashion and why I think beer brings me closer to God

Louis (delaineetdesatin.blogspot.com), Alex and Olivier (aromespourlaretine.blogspot.com)

Marie, Me & Moustache

All photos of me belong to Danik Yopp, the rest are MINE....(betches).

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