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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Travis Taddeo: Live in your Living Room

Mark it on your calendars and set your alarms because T.T. in T.O. is happening this FRIDAY at 5pm at World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week.

And now you can watch the entire show LIVE HERE. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, you don't actually have to be at the show to see the show.You don't even have to get dressed up to see the show. Hell, you might as well watch it naked. Or (in an attempt to pay homage to the theme, Doomed Generation) you could always wear this:

Because, I do imagine that the world will simply implode at the end of this one.

Personally, I'll be having a slippers and sweatpants party to inaugurate the Travis Taddeo F/W 2012-13 collection and to cheer on (using my most obnoxious girl whoop) Travis and his team (of which I am an intern) for all the work that has gone into its creation.

There will be Japanese leather, suede, red fox fur, and jersey (only to name a few) in smoky greys and flashes of burning red. Doomsday is starting to sound a lot less doom and a lot more va-va-VOOM.

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