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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I Think I have Elephantiasis

Minus the abnormal swelling of the skin tissue and the symptomatic bodily deformations. Well maybe it's not Elephantiasis. But, I do have an unhealthy obsession with this new hat that I swindled off of Etsy. And it just so happens to be BEDAZZLED with elephants. CASE IN POINT. 

I dub it my M.I.A. hat, and I will be sure to wear it if ever I find myself in front of a throng of crazed football fans and feel the urge to flip them all the bird. Either that or just about every day this summer. I find it also highly congruent with the style direction that I have noticed myself following in the past few days, which I mentioned here; a personal dressing aesthetic whose final product consists of me looking a lot like a boy. I blame not only this hat but also my Alexander Wang creeper booties, made worse by the fact that I am seriously contemplating purchasing another pair of A. Wangs, only this time a heel that is trying for "sexy" but ending up at "awkward." 

Wait. This sounds familiar. It sounds a lot like my life. Shit. 

So as you can see, I am coming to meaningful personal-revelations and thus feeling much better about myself.


  1. you look great.. I love ur cap!!

  2. Thank you! Yea I can't stop wearing it. I highly recommend!

  3. Elephantiasis is a permanent and long term disability worldwide and globally considered as neglected tropical disease.


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