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Monday, March 19, 2012

Update: What's been hanging from my lobes

Answer: MissCocotte. Well, not the actual Montreal jewellery designer herself (I'm sure that would be fairly awkward and decidedly painful), but these fabulous earrings from her newest and recently launched collection sure have been. They've been hangin' out on the sides of my head and drawing lots of attention from peers and passers-by alike, in the form of celebratory comments in which they proceed to congratulate me for adorning my earlobes with said earrings, one of these more impressionable commentators to have erroneously assumed them to be Givenchy.

But as I have already established, Givenchy's Ricardo Tisci has a particular penchant for cats and, now apparently, shark bicuspids, neither of which have been anywhere near my earlobes........lately. 

I actually picked these up at the launch event of the new collection of Miss Cocotte who, by day, answers to the name of Josée Gagnon, and by night graciously prevents accessory-famished people like myself from having to forgo our apartments in exchange for the acquisition of actual Givenchy. 


If you are in Montreal, swing by Georges Louen opticien on Sherbrooke St. to fawn over, furiously deliberate over, and then finally succumb to the purchasing of a piece of her nouvelle collection, Horizon.

And look forward to a potential collaboration between Miss Cocotte and I this summer or early fall...Cyeahhh. 

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