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Monday, October 29, 2012

Just dollin' it out like Sandy Claus

As if you haven't been ambushed from behind and then ratatap-tapped on the head repeatedly about the significance of the forthcoming Hurricane Sandy in our collective "things that are pop-culturally significant" cognition, I come bringing yet another piteous play on words with my "Sandy Claus" self-proclamation in lieu of the fact that I would like to take this opportunity to GIVE YOU FREE SHIT. Which is likely the only reason you are reading this at all, isn't it, you greedy, materialistic bastards? Well fine then, I will shut up with my lame attempt at ironic charm and get to the climactic point.

Miss Cocotte just launched her campaign for her newest line, VERSUS, in which I pout and purr and do hopefully sexy things with my hips which were, in fact, mostly just awkward in practice.

POINT BEING: If you care to look up yonder, you shall see a fancy lil' necklace that I will give to you if you succeed at proving yourself worthy.

Critical factors of Worthiness:
1) Comment below with your name & Twitter handle.
2) Follow me and Miss Cocotte on Twitter goddamit.
2) Extra entry if you tweet this: @FoodH20Fashion x @MissCocotte Versus necklace contest offers post-hickey-hiding insurance. Enter http://www.foodwaterfashion.com/2012/10/just-dollin-it-out-like-sandy-claus.html

Get on it peoples. You have until FRIDAY NOVEMBER 2nd at MIDNIGHT, at which point Sandy Claus will swoop down your chimney with gale-force winds and generosity to boot. The fat man in red meets the hormonal elemental phenomenon and somehow, your neck gets better looking in the process. Life is rough, eh?

For the rest of the campaign photos, click heeere.


  1. me me me! Marie-Soleil Thellen @shop4elements on twitter'sphere! thanks!

  2. Marissa Poon


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