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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Negotiating Neon

Excuse me while I stand on my imaginary pedestal of L.E.D. lit self-righteousness, but I hated each and every one of you who wore neon anything this past summer, you obnoxious attention-seekers, you. 

The bright orange nails, those goddamn trendy satchel bags available in any visually offending fluorescent hue available to Pantone-kind, and every blonde who dyed her hair pink because apparently, your genetically-predisposed VIP pass for fun just isn't enough and you had to go rub it in every wanting brunette's face by making your head look like the aftermath of a Hello Kitty-themed Sweet-Sixteen slumber party.

Anyways, my metaphorical period ended, I stopped taking extra-strength Advil (one is NEVER enough) and as the weather starts sucking on a continuous basis, I have rectified my aforementioned hostility with the neon colour palette and welcomed it into my wardrobe to counteract the death-sentence that is a looming Montreal winter.

Black Top: Vintage | White Mesh Pullover: Vintage | Lime Mesh Sweater: Genevieve Savard | Leather Jacket: Only NYC | Blue Shorts: New Balance | Bag: Topshop Vintage | Creeper Boots: Alexander Wang
And now I am content in the self-proclaimed irony of my electric blue hot pants. This winter, your retinas are in for it. Just. You. Wait.

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