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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fashionably (as of) Late

I live at a cottage and it is raining. 
Cottage. Rain. Paradoxical, n'est-ce pas? 
My skin pigment is shameful and hilarious tan lines, non-existent. 

So I hope you are sharing in my in my ensuing state of  fun-lacking and boredom-having, to the point where you will find the proposition of looking at photos of my life (in the recent tense) extremely, irresistibly, and tantalizingly intriguing compared to your current task of thumb-twiddling. 

Photo Summary:
  1. I graduated and received a shiny certificate with RAISED LETTERING (a.k.a I am soooo accomplished). Then I took one of those "jumping in the air" photos which failed miserably.
  2. I left my cottage to go party at a...........cottage.
  3. My friend ate a glorious roll of sushi, at the sight of which I salivated profusely.
  4. I bought several things for uno dollario. (I assume that is Spanish.)
  5. I tied my furry necklace/headband/ex-glove-cuff to my bag to make a bag rat-tail. And I tanned. But NOT TODAY!!!


Finishing school, working regularly and saving money are boredom-inducers. Fight back!
Fashion is fun.
La fin.

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