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Friday, June 17, 2011

PHOTOG shoot

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I have a photo shoot scheduled with a boudoir/glamour photography business (a Christmas gift from my mommy), which offers middle-aged, post-child rearing and career-vexed women the chance to pose in front of a camera in nothing but their itty-bitty skivvies and then show the photos to their husbands who will thus proceed to jump their bones for the first time in an abominable amount of time. 

So, I guess I'm the perfect candidate! 

Except NOT. But I'm going to have fun with it and try to put a creative twist on it. Here are some the images that are inspiring me right now for the shoot. Fairy-tale esque, corseted, dreamy, white, black, red, etcetera etcetera. 

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