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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

That 70's Style


It was once a television show about a group of pot-smoking teenagers with phenomenal hair and death-defying platform shoes. Now it's a fashion trend.
This summer, you don't have to be a female giantess with flaming red hair or a miniature brunette with a voice that hollows out ear drums to strut around in flared jeans, bangles, huge hoops, retro sunglasses and couch-patterned tunics (also defined as "paisley" for those of you who don't have an atrocious sofa that's been occupying your basement since 1973). 

Here's my beach version:
  • floppy felt hat
  • big sunnies
  • Jeffrey Campbell wooden clogs
  • high-waisted bikini bottoms in a vibrant print

So next time you're in a fashion rut, think Fez.

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  1. Love those shorts, that would look so cute on!


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