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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A little mode at the Mod Club

I have been M.I.A. from the blogosphere for an entire two weeks due to the death of my cottage internet (which has since been resurrected) and a trip to Ottawa and Montreal with two strapping young chaps. Therefore I am sad, deprived, and  in a state of mourning. This simply cannot do.

So I have set my sunglasses-clad-sights on the upcoming performance of Lauren Malyon at the Mod Club in Toronto on Saturday July 16. You may recall my lengthy, rambling post which described this FANTABULOUS synth-pop starlet and the melodies she makes with a detailed commentary on her gargantuan mop of hair. Well, now you can see her in the flesh and the fabric which, I may add, I have been styling from afar (via courtesy-of-Facebook messaging style suggestions) since she had requested my help in pulling off a stage-worthy outfit for this exciting event. 

So get your sun-tanned fannies out of the cancer-endowing UV rays and into the tenebrous dark of the Mod Club on July 16 to cool down your blistering bod and amp up the fun-ometer. 
In the meantime, visit the event FB page for more in-fo-may-shun! 

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