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Saturday, July 16, 2011

From the Nation's Capital to the Fashion Capital

I took a little trip to some cities with some fellas. Brand spankin' new Panasonic-G3 in tow, it went a little like this...

comme des garçons

mustard is a menace

galactic screen, galactic tee

holy moly trendy boy!
hustle, bustle, kerfuffle

at a crossroad

stomach-ache enducing

A little enlightenment at the table

nice facial

mug shot
And the quest for the ultimate fashion school wages on.

I'm in a pickle really, a DILL pickle if you must know. In one corner, we have Vancouver (where the risk of acquiring hypothermia is low, yet the risk of debt-enforced poverty is likely, perhaps guaranteed) and in the other, Montréal (where losing at least one toe to frost-bite is a given, yet my prospective dirty french accent can only blossom and grow).

So,which educational institution will be crowned winner of thousands of OSAP dollahs under my name? Stay tuned kids...the showdown commences!


  1. I'm going to school in Montreal and the saddest thing about this post is when you realize you recognize the homeless people :P Also, I think one of those patio's is Ste. Elizabeth, it is pretty damn hip and trendy!

  2. Anonymous, REVEAL YOURSELF!!
    Matthew, the homeless people seemed spunky and delightful. That might be reason enough.

  3. Great Pictures hope you find a great school to go to next semester

  4. More like Van-boo-ver!

  5. They are quite splendid to say the least, unless the shout at you in French and you seem to be the only person in the whole city that only speaks English... but such is my life...


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