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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tackle the Trend: Get your cowboy on!

I had originally hoped to post this........uh......post during the Calgary Stampede for its obvious affiliation with the theme and widely agree-upon dress-code of the famous outdoor show. What is that theme? Cowboys and Cowgals! 

And with the influx of the wild wild west onto the fashion runways, the time has come to incorporate some southwestern-chic into your look. But how can you accomplish such a feat when, like myself, you shudder at the sight of outfits comprised of cowboy hat and boot duos?

With courage in my heart and valor in my soul, I took on this trend with a vintage cowboy lariat necklace that I excavated and exhumed from a tiny knick-knack store LADEN TO THE CEILINGS with what I could politely call TOTAL CRAP. What the hell is a lariat necklace? Well, I don't really know, but it's kick-ass and it can double as a mustache!

See, disturbingly long facial hair AND it's totally trendy

And BOOM CHACALACKA! I'm a modern-day Annie Oakley with less body-odour (presumably). And you can be too! Hit up your local, unassuming vintage shop for a similar necklace and then bathe daily. 
So you see, fashion is not just a frivolous sport. It encourages fearlessness and a stringent hygiene regimen.  
Trend = tackled

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