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Monday, March 21, 2011

Short in Front & Long in Back

Welcome to the second installment of... (So I guess I need a name for this segment. Throw me your suggestions!) where I feature the most ludicrous of trends which only the brave at heart dare to try out.
I do recommend approaching these trends with caution because people WILL stare.
But as I've said before, plain people are fatiguing, so get out there and embrace your freaky-deeky-ness!

For those of you who scoffed at my claim to the triumphant return of the Fanny Pack,you're gonna hate me even more this time.

Ladies and Gents, I give you, the Mullet Tee. 

Sure it's offensive as a hair style, but as a top, it is HELLA fly (most effectively pronounced in a "straight-from-the-Bronx" accent).
Casual, but stylish. Wear it over pants, leggings, shorts, skirts....the mullet tee doesn't discriminate. So don't hate on it!

When the leopard-print and the mullet united as one. Glorious. Find it here.
And then find this one here.

And because a post involving the word "mullet" could never be complete without a collection of related and inspiring photographic GEMS, please enjoy the following...


My personal fav.

The mullet's time of exile is over. Be courageous and soldier forward with pride in your Mullet Tees. But if you take it too far and this trend starts hangin' out on top of your head, like any of these handsome fellows above, I take no responsibility for any resulting hate crimes committed against you. 



  1. Good one! The mullet...........OMG.

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  2. I love asymmetrical shirts right now!! These are awesome picks. And mullets... well duh, love those too. :P

    xx Laura

  3. Congrats. You've been nominated and awarded The Versatile Blogger award on my blog.

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