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Friday, March 18, 2011

Girl Crush Alert

Attention, all you heterosexual females out there: A forewarning that the following may incite you to question your sexuality as you know it. 

Girl, prepare to go from straight to croooooked!

I give you Emma Watson, known better as Hermione Granger to some. Well, I've got news for all you Harry Potter freaks fans. Emma is WAY less obnoxiously irritating than her sorceress counterpart AND way more likely to provoke lady-lust out of us most straight-laced girls and as a result, reel us all over to L-camp, without ever having cast a single magic spell. Now that's talent.

Since the wee age of NINE years old, Emma has evolved into a style maven, quoted as having once said, "I've been focusing on art a lot, and fashion's a great extension of that." (I just shed a single tear.) 

Not only has she posed as the face for Burberry, but she also collaborated to design a fair trade fashion line with the U.K.-based design and manufacturing brand, People Tree, releasing the most recent line in Autumn/Winter 2010. 

For her unfairly chic fashion sense, her rad haircut, and for her work in producing and promoting socially-conscious clothing, I dub Emma Watson my future girlfriend. 

Pre-pubescent velvet colour-blocking ? Aw yah.
Fast forward to fashion-forward.

Leather/Lace/Floral. No words.

Posing for Teen Vogue and rockin' the off-the-shoulder furry carcass look.  Ha.

This dress....ugh
Nope, THIS dress. Designed by Rafael Lopez. Very Black Swan-esque, and we all know which side Natalie Portman was playing for in that movie....
All I got to say is: Hey Emma, text sext me, baby.


  1. Phenom.
    LOVE her yellow mini dress.
    And legs...and smoldering looks...
    uh oh.

  2. She has definitely grown into a sophisticated style that's all her own. Such a young fresh faced beauty!



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