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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sheeeeeee's Back!

As per indicated by my obnoxious title, I have returned from the land of el ron and cigars with generous tan lines, too many inside jokes, and a liver that is begging for mercy. I had the most incredible week with nine other hilarious people; I can tell you that laughter was served in large doses.

Now I have assignments and midterms looming that I'm apparently supposed to do, a suitcase piled high with clothes that NEED to become laundry, a fridge stocked full of bread and....um yep, just bread, (Scurvy, I am ready for you) and worst of all, there is that vile natural substance littering the ground outside, S-N-O-W. Oh the injustice!

But things are looking up for this gal.

I was ecstatic to receive an e-mail telling me that I was accepted as a volunteer for Toronto's LG Fashion Week, the second largest fashion week in North America, running March 28-April 1.

I could be doing anything from event set-up and strike, to decorating, guest registration, and office work. It will be less glamorous than one would think, but I DON'T CARE! I'll have the chance to meet industry professionals, other fashion enthusiasts, and hopefully see a few fashion shows while I'm at it. Peachy.

If you will be in Toronto around that time, check out the LG Fashion Week Website and then get yo bootay to Exhibition Place!

And stay tuned for photos de Cuba.

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