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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easy Peasy Sunday DIY

On another lazy Sunday night, I'm sure you are sprawled across your couch, donning your sexiest sweat pant and hoodie combination, watching en entire season of Saved by the Bell. (No? Ok, Full House? No? Anybody?) That's right, you're lookin hotta, smellin good.....or not.

So I propose that you take a break between the 9th and 10th episode and create the EASIEST Do-It-Yoself project that ever there was, in preparation for those times in life when your favourite XXL t-shirt adorned with unidentifiable stains (yes, the one you are currently wearing) just won't cut it.

Your muse will be this Urban Renewal Bow Tie Necklace from Urban Outfitters.
Price-tag? - 28$
Rip-off? - Totally

Do I even NEED to explain how to make this one?

Here's the rundown: Tonight, you will unite a lonely chain and a sexy bow tie in a steamy, passionate, black-tie "affair." Result? You're gonna be one super stylin' pimp.


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