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Monday, March 28, 2011

Yelle, ma belle

If you are in need of some visual stimulation this morning, check out this music video from the French electro-pop group, Yelle, one of the best things that I discovered during my 10 month vacation educationally-fulfilling experience in France. This is a combo of not one but two, count em', TWO songs: Safari Disco Club and Que Veux-Tu? Music, art, fashion, this video has got it all.

And can we just talk about Yelle's spandex, giraffe-print body suit featured in the video? Can you say "wardrobe STAPLE?" Definitely church, job-interview, and date-night-appropriate. You think I'm kidding...

Well it comes as no surprise, since lead singer and namesake, Yelle (born Julie Budet), is one stylin sista. She's like a Katie Perry that can sing LIVE. Whoops...I mean...

Yelle's new album comes out tomorrow. Get it here.

On another note, this week is LG Fashion Week in Toronto. The theme is "The Business of Fashion." I will be there in full force as a volunteer and will report back to you from the front lines of what I see!

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  1. mind reader much? Yelle got me through this weekend =]

  2. Love your blog...very creative all the way from your name to your pics posted. Will be waiting for the fashion update!
    XO Carrie


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