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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Trend to Try Before You Die: Exams Edition

Remember how I said that my outfit inspiration has, as of late, been borrowing heavily from menswear, implying a finished project in which my adult female body is transformed into that of a prepubescent teenage boy? NO? Enlightenment: right this way.

Well, as of even later, this testosterone-infused style preference has expanded itself to consist largely of XL tunics, harem pants, sneakers and loafers; a look that still traces its origins back to the average stylish male's closet, HOWEVER, it more-so finds its roots in my pyjama drawer. And appropriately so in this, the season for exams and their lounge-wear counterparts. Ah yes, it is time again to revisit that joyous period of the year when college campuses are suddenly flooded with an overwhelming population of markedly ugly people whose commitment to personal hygiene becomes questionable at best and whose assumed possession of an ass is rendered suspect following its disappearing act within the vast spaciousness of the notoriously popular sweatpant? 

And now comes that much anticipated and long awaited part of the post where I get to the point. For this instalment of Trend to Try Before You Die, I have theorized that Exam stress can be countered by strategic exam dress. How? Wear your pyjamas...kind of. I propose that you channel a combination of equal parts pyjama and sleeping bag silhouette. Simply put, as long as it appears as though you might be heading to a very stylish slumber party, both tops and bottoms appear 2 sizes too large, your shoes are of the slipper variety, and your outfit could reasonably be mistook for a sleeping bag, you get high fives and straight A's from me. 

So put away your text books and study this

And look-ie here, even our Canadian comrades are taking the pyjama trend to a literal level.

You may however wish to withhold on the foot clunkers and bangle sleeve. Never a good library look. 

So if you will be going into library hibernation this weekend, remember that life is short and that a couple weeks spent wishing it was even shorter does not grant you an automatic ugly card and your boyfriend's old sweatpants are not clothes, they are fireplace kindling. Try the trend and for the love of god, take that bun down from the top of your forehead.

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