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Monday, April 2, 2012

Meanwhile, in Korea...


Is it any wonder that China and its eastern posse of fellow eager beavers are swallowing the world when we see Korean designers spitting out the stuff that dreams are made of?? 

And dreams they shall remain, given the crumbling state of my bank account. You'd think I'd be a money-peddling entrepreneurial whiz kid by now given my Chinese ancestry. But my Irish Canadian father came in and poisoned the gene pool while eradicating all of my chances at making Forbes 20 under 20 list before my first training bra. Now I just look like a non-categorizable mutt who still fits into that same training bra and can't afford a new one

SO, in light of dreaming of falling upon sudden personal wealth, of finally passing the first stage of puberty 10 years in the making, and of purchasing deliriously unaffordable eastern fashion imports, I present to you Hexa by Kuho S/S 2012 as I imagine one would see whilst in their deepest, most slumberous state.

And/or while on acid. 

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