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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Dressing Like Holiday Mascots: Easter Edition

 It seems I have been doing several editions as of late. Pardon this pattern, but it has only manifested itself due to the sequence of special occasions in recent days. Easter and all of its small rodent iconography, specifically rabbit associations, has inspired my sartorial tendencies this weekend in the most blatantly representational form. In other words, I have been dressing like a rabbit.


A silly hat reminiscent of a lumberjack/Russian traditional head attire doubles as a rabbit-ear imitator. Especially with the facilitation of my hands which render these would-be ears into a floppy state. Much like our fuzzy friend above.

And although pseudo rabbit ears are all well and good, I prefer full-on commitment to holiday-specific dressing. 
Total BOSS
So whether you favour half-assed or hard-core, you too can spread the holiday cheer either discreetly or obnoxiously simply by clothing yourself. Waist-expansion, binge-eating-facilitating sweat pants do not apply.

Hat & Plaid Shirt - Vintage
Tunic Top - Zara
Rabbit Costume - Momma Power

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  1. Haha, I've seen a lot of "easter fashion" this weekend, but I think the hat wins for creativity! And cuteness! ;) Kudos.


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