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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogging from The Backroom

Today I snuck into a backroom and, like I regretfully confessed earlier, no scandalous sexual encounters were had there (I blame this on laundry day being synonymous with ugly underwear day). But, although I didn't find any racy/lacy number to replace the aforementioned granny panties, I did find what is the beginning of a very solid collection of unique vintage, re-worked and student designer fashion finds which will be available to the fashion-hungry style setters of Montreal when The Backroom, our city's newest fashion retail destination for both ladies and gents, opens next Friday May 4th at 1445 Rue Lambert-Closse following an exclusive launch party where the beats will be poppin', the booze will be guzzlin', and I, in my bubbly-buzzed stupor may make uninformed purchasing decisions. (I already have my eye on a grey mesh racer-back tank top and if anyone swipes it off of me, I cannot promise non-violent repercussions and/or concussions. (Think Monica in Friend's wedding dress episode circa season 7)).

Run by three College Lasalle students, Marie, Rachel and Karen, who chose not to wait until the typical after graduation "now I better get my shit together" career-launching point to open up their first retail store, The Backroom is retail done refreshingly: locally-owned, locally-shopped, and locally-designed or sourced. And in a lapse of good judgement on their part, The Backroom's owners have nominated me as their official blogger in covering the store's launch party and grand opening. 

 Follow me here, here and here for more sneak-peak posts from The Backroom next week and for a visual collage of who wore what at the launch party. And I promise to wear nicer knickers this time. And I promise never to say "knickers" again. Promise.

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