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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Fashioning Friends

Meet my best friend, Alessandra. She's cute and Italian. She's also slightly demonic (exhibit A). And she has an equally cute boyfriend named Andrew and they like each other and it's weird. (exhibit B). Anyways, the other night, Alessandra and said man-friend in tow visited me for the premiere of her self-written and self-directed short-film, Curbed, one of four films premiered at 10 x 10 Montreal,, a project intent on celebrating Montreal and its young artists in film-making.



Miss Allie asked of my services pre-premiere in the department of personal stylist, and I gladly acquiesced under the pre-negotiated condition that I could outfit her in a grossly oversized polka dot bow tie. And she agreed. This is why we are friends. Plus she's way cooler than me.

Now witness why I am still adamant about the merits of borrowing from the closet of masculinity when dressing the female body, followed by a series of evidential photographs depicting friends, booze, and tarot card readings which led to less than promising personal predictions that only served as impetus for further consumption of alcohol...and thus, you will get a sense of how I am currently winning at the game of life.

Okay, self-loathing ends and pictures start...NOW.

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