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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Girl's Guide to Growing Up (or pretending to)

Graduation came and went (Well no, that's a lie, I'm not considered officially graduated until I pay my university $33.46 and they remove my academic sanction...I guess I should do that.) and now, apparently it is considered irresponsible parenting to hand your child $13,000 for their future academic endeavours. So this means that I have to EARN this money BY MYSELF.

Easy peasy, right? WRONGO.

Tomorrow I'm attending a workshop in Toronto for young career-seekers (a.k.a ME). And then I'm heading straight to a real-live interview downtown for a job that could potentially help me rake in the monies. 
So in lieu (see, I'm practicing my professional terminology!) of tomorrow's job-acquiring potential, I spent today raiding my closet to find a "Hey, I look really good so HIRE ME GODDAMIT" look.

Patterns and Buttons
Birds-Eye View
And some shoesies
The blouse in detail
It's seeing photos such as this when I realize that I am actually a midget-sized gremlin stuck in the body of........a midget-sized gremlin.
But which should I choose????
Bathroom  iPhone photo-shoot. LEGIT.
So to trick my interviewer into thinking I'm actually a grown-up, the hair went down.  
And this is my reaction to having to BE a grown-up. Not happy.
The final outfit is profesh (See, the preceding is a word I would not use in an interview. I'm soooo ready.) but in a "I still have a personality" kind of way. 

But still, if you do nothing else tonight, pray for me. 

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  1. Hahahha from one midget sized gremlin to another you look great! I loved that. I think the grey shoes with the bow. Outfit is great! Will say prayer!
    XO Carrie


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