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Friday, May 27, 2011

Fashion Birth Control: Care of Mary-Kate and Ashley

Remember watching Full House when you were a mere youngster and feeling inherently compelled to throttle Michelle at every aggravatingly irritating, "meant-to-be funny but never was" line that would come out of her mouth (or shall I say their mouths, as in those of both Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen). Well thank God for time and its trusty accomplice, aging, because they are both responsible for the fruition of the fabulously fashionable Olsen twins and their debut line, The Row. The twins put fashion first and sexy....dead last. I have no objections.

I am enamored by these women for their near-midget stature (like me) and their adoration of fur, maximalist styling, and bohemian accents (like me, IS me, dear Lord I need to be their friend).

So, here are just a few looks from the Resort 2011collection from The Row. Billowy, over-sized, monochromatic, harem, tailored, leather, tweed, menswear, brogues, maxi skirts, boxy, sperm-repelling. Chyeaaah.

Michelle, you have been redeemed and I forgive you.  

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