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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pillage the Village (yarrr!)

No, I didn't rape and pillage a peaceful and unsuspecting port town as the above title may suggest, don't worry. My shopping conquests are much less bloody and eventful than that, unfortunately. HOWEVER, I did take advantage of my wardrobe sourcing place of choice, a.k.a. Value Village, and handed over a laughable amount of cash for some excellent finds. 

I've been on the lookout for a pair of rubber boots to combat the rainy west coast where I will be heading in January to pursue a Fashion Arts Diploma at the John Casablancas Institute. As I turned a regular looking corner, I stumbled upon a very irregular looking pair of boots, and (voila!) they were WATERPROOF!! Who woulda thunk it? Not I! But then I DID.

But before my show-&-tell, please take a look at the state of my room post university move-OUT and parent's house move-IN. Now the question becomes: Why do I own things?

Zee boots. Suck it, Precipitation! 

Who? Meeee?

Please note the price tag
Finally, a bum bag! Because as I've said before, they are back with a vengeance!
Deal with it.
A belt of beauty

Happy week! I'm going on the DSLR Camera lookout very soon! And then I give you permission to (maybe) take me seriously.

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