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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fashion Week: The Finale

Two days spent at the LG Toronto Fashion Week; my iPhone camera sidekick and I saw and snapped up the inspiration in heavy doses.  Real-life Barbie and multiple Kens, skinny legs, hip bones, unreasonable incredible heels, colour, pattern mixing, crochet, Samuel L. Jackson,  fur, mesh, leather & lace, model struts, bottle service, red lips, colossal coiffures, ready to wear & never to wear, skin, stylish masculinity, high cheekbones, infantile divas, Litas up and close, flashing lights, V.I.P. lists, and genius on the runway. 

I also saw nipples. Lots of them.

Here is my photo diary. 

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  1. Great shots! Captured the atmosphere of each instance. Cute fur hat! ;)


  2. L O V E this !!... I went to the Amanda Lew Kee show it was amazing !* <3
    Your blogs fantastic ;)
    xx - hotbynight

  3. yay, i think my big hair is in!! phew, i don't have to worry about straightening the heck out of it :P

  4. Thanks guys! I can't wait till next season's show.


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