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Monday, April 11, 2011

My Name is Maureen Ponderosa. Fashion is my Bitch.

If you live in a cave or a large hole that is impractical for the reception of such media outlets as television, I a) feel sorry for you, and b) understand that you have never seen It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It is not your fault, but really, SMARTEN UP! 

Because....dah dah DAHHH!!  You are missing out on fashion's latest "It" Girl: Maureen Ponderosa. She's got the whole package girls: a dead tooth and subsequent foul-smelling breath, and even her own artisan studio where she crafts handmade cat sweatshirts. 

And to this you say, "But Lisa, how in God's name could I ever imitate such an icon of fashion genius and feminine poise?!" 

I'm here for you. The answer is cat-print EVERYTHING. Observe...

See, even Miu-Miu is Maureen musing!

Miu-Miu S/S 2010

Cat-print pantaloons!

Had to.

Maureen, you babe, you.
Okay this post was slightly ridiculous, probably a result of my 10 hour library stint today. I don't even like cats. Goddamn you, Pursuit of Higher Education!


  1. Heard of the show but never got into it, guess I gotta smarten up :p

  2. These clothes need a doggie signature on them...maybe you could drape them over a fire hydrant...hee

  3. I don't like cats either! Go you!

    I have a Free People give-away on my blog if you haven't already entered!
    strawberry freckleface


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