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Monday, August 22, 2011

Toot Toot da Loot Loot

Not one to toot my own horn, me being notorious for underplaying my achievements (of which I have very little that could be deemed significant) (guuuuhhhh, SEE!), I suddenly felt a warm, fuzzy feeling coat the insides of my solar plexus upon finding this little doo-dad on the worldwide web, and decided to give myself a celebratory pat on the head and share it with thee. 

The good folks at MTV Fora seem to like me. Why? Probably because they don't know that I was a pre-Proactive Acne Cleanser-poster child until the age of 15 and I had a bowl cut throughout the first quarter of my life. Or because I always strive to follow the fine example set by Jenna Marbles and thus, fooled them into believing that I am attractive and therefore, worthy of their attention. Because, I'm sorry Fora, but in a burlap potato sack, I would just look like a burlap potato sack. De-sexified. 

But still...

Total # of people who think I'm cool: 
  1. Fora
  2. My mom
Join the ranks! (Pretty please....)

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