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Monday, August 8, 2011

How to Attract a Man Repeller

Rumour has it that the mating dance between said Man Repeller and her prospective intern consists of technically-refined steps of the Flamenco carried out in perfectly harmonious unison. And immediately following their courtship, the female bites off her partner's head.

Just kidding, that is what Praying Mantis' do (minus the Flamenco), not well-meaning fashion rogues such as her majesty, The Man Repeller.

And rumours suck, bow ties are better. So it was, equipped with a polka-dotted bow tie, that I attempted to court Leandra Medine today via webcam, into hiring me on as her intern in the Big Apple. You may recall my desperate cry for her to save me from the abyss where fashion goes to die, better known as Buckhorn, Ontario. Well, holy macaroni, she freakin wanted to interview me.

Leandra with her current intern, Freya

And this here little get-up is what I wore to my interview in cyber land.

This is why I don't interview for high-paying jobs
I find out later this week. In the meantime, I ask you to cross every limb that you may have in your bodily-artillery in my name. Because, she might repulse the boys, but I'm all hot and heavy for Ms. Medine.

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