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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A little bitty outfit post

Okay it's not that little bitty, let me rephrase.....an average size outfit post. However if one is referring to the size of its model, one could justly say that she is "little bitty," which is laughable really, because she does look quite awkward in almost everything she wears. However, she should never be referred to as a "bitty." NEVER.

But anywhoooo boogaloo, I am in a new town and a new pad (photos of said pad to come) and my polarizing obsession with wearing weird clothes seems to be quite acceptable here. I have come to the long-awaited conclusion that there is justice in the world. 

And in case you hadn't noticed, it is FALL so let's all celebrate in sheer maxi skirts, button-up collared-shirts, booties and stand-out socks IN those booties. Oh ya, and a shit load of jewelry. Ya ya ya let's do it!  

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