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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Put on my running shoes

Ok, I changed meee mind. My lack of commitment to hopping aboard the Lita bandwagon is revealing itself. But hey, I've been RUNNING for no practical purpose other than the improvement of my health and the removal of those things propped upon my hips which are (apparently) suitable for both holding onto and for evoking romantic feelings. (I could have just said "love-handles" back there but that's boring and I ban the boring from my blog.)

If, like me, you lack the capacity to remember things of any and all levels of importance, shimmy on over here-yee to enlighten yourself of my original personal challenge.

Well, I stuck to my goal for FOUR GODDAMN WEEKS. And unlike Kevin Costner, there were no angels and deceased-but-newly-reincarnated fathers to greet me at the finish line. Nope, but there's going to be something even sexier there. These clod-hoppers!!

get em' here

Brought to fruition by Matiko in collaboration with AI For AI, they're already in the mail and along with their appearance on my credit card statement will come my parental-ly-inflicted and untimely death.

So the question is, can we start a 22 Club?

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