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Thursday, February 2, 2012

TREND to TRY before you DIE: We Demand Transparency

Guess what's coming (other than your biologically pre-determined and absolutely certain death)? Summer. Which, after ample experience, I can tell you is substantially less morbid than my opening sentence and way more enjoyable, what with its sunshine, uncomfortable heat rashes, and less-than fully clothed revelers. In comes the summer and out pops comes the cleavage, it seems. Well, not only do I have no substantial cleavage to speak of, but I really think that, given that the 2012 clock is ticking on the end of humankind and all, I strongly support the dispelling of any and all distasteful trends such as that one so that we as a species will carry with our preserved (hopefully) bodily remains, a lasting legacy of style and taste.

So ditch the push-up bra and show us some skin through a sheer and/or crocheted summer dress. Bras and cycling shorts mandatory here. Remember that butt cheeks and nipples need not apply to this trend. My picks come from Montreal's Maude Nibelungen, Stolen Girlfriends Club, Sisters of the Black Moon, and Style Stalker.

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