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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Montreal Fashion Week: The Prelude

My debut as a fashion blogging correspondent is set for tonight on this, day two, of Montreal Fashion Week, where I will be putting on my most professional blogger's face (see Figure 1 for reference) in hopes of convincing people that I know exactly what I'm doing as I photograph the fashion and interview the fashionistas and then proceed to clog up your Facebook feed with incessant tweets about it all.

Now, keep in mind that I use the term "professional" very loosely. Do I own a personal computer for blogging purposes? Nope (R.I.P. Hewlett Packard). Will I be wearing a dress from a coveted Québecois designer? Again, no. But can I pretend? Well according to this business card, oh yes.

In fact, I am completely without a computer (but thankfully, my moral-deficiency allows for the stealing of my roommate's laptop) and I will be wearing a lovely piece from Village des Valeurs Couture which I can only define as belonging to the pyjama category of dress. Here again, I use the word "trend" and "couture"quite loosely, while using the term "pyjama" very seriously. (I'm not kidding, it's a one-piece pyjama. Get excited.)

But, no matter! You can stalk me freely throughout the week here and here with no worries of negative social sanctions or even embarassing restraining orders. And check in with Miss Sly in the coming weeks for more opportunities to follow me around the runways shamelessly.

And rest assured that there will be fun and there will be fashion.

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